Charles F Morrison
History - Boulder Era


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1974-1979 Boulder, Colorado: (Classic & Acoustic guitars, the original Flatiron Mandolins) This is my first stage of instrument building. It started when I was a student at CU Boulder, I dropped out and started to build full time in 1975. I rented space for workshops on Pearl street, First at David Goodrich's Peghead shop on west Pearl St., then at an 800 square foot shop on east Pearl St. This is where I started making copies of the old WW1 Gibson Army/Navy model mandolin that my grandfather had. I named them Flatirons, after the giant slabs of rock that overlook Boulder and sold them locally, through Talbot's Music in Yakima, WA and Steve and Maxine Carlson's Backporch Pickin' Parlor in Bozeman, MT.

My early influences included Max Krimmel, NBN Guitars and Dave Goodrich, to whom I give full credit for instilling in me the drive for quality craftsmanship that enhances my instruments.


The first Morrison classical guitar         The first Morrison arch top guitar        The only Morrison Quart guitar


#10, F style Mandolin ~1975                  Mahogany Tele w/carving                early Morrison Flatiron mandolin


1979-1980 Bozeman, Montana:

1981-1992 East Burke and Sutton, Vermont: