Boulder County Instrument making history

On April 26, 2010 I coordinated a presentation for the Boulder (Colorado) guitar society. The subject was Instrument making in Boulder county in the 1970s. A few pictures and downloadable pdf's of this event are presented here.

Chuck Morrison, Reb Bennet and Andy Bennet displaying early NBN guitars. Shown are the #4 Classical, #10 R-2 and #2 M-3 . Reb Bennet is a Co-founder of NBN and Andy Bennet Worked at NBN for almost it's entire existence 1968-1976.

Chuck Morrison and Gene Milligan showing a fine example of Gene's workmanship.

Chuck and Will Morrison showing Will's archtop guitar, made by Chuck in 1976. Will has performed using this guitar for over 35 years.

Presentation, part 1 The ODE/OME legacy - Large 27MB pdf file
Presentation, part 2 Krimmel, Carol, Stevens, Fleishman, Pogreba 7MB pdf file

To see all this in context, see the following timeline